Lifetime Upgrade

Last Updated: February 2024

Benefits of the Lifetime Upgrade Program


Our Lifetime Upgrade program allows you to trade in your current jewelry piece for a new one of equal or greater value, at any time in the future. Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, renewing your vows, or simply seeking to refresh your style, our program ensures that your jewelry evolves along with your love story.

How It Works

When you're ready to upgrade your jewelry, simply bring your current piece to any of our locations, and our expert team will assess its value. You'll then have the opportunity to explore our exquisite collection and select a new piece that captures the essence of your enduring love. The value of your original piece will be credited toward your new purchase, making it easier than ever to elevate your style.

Benefits of the Lifetime Upgrade Program

1. Timeless Brilliance

Keep your jewelry collection fresh and vibrant with the latest designs and trends.

2. Flexible Options

Choose from our wide range of stunning pieces to find the perfect match for your evolving style.

3. Enhanced Value

Enjoy the added value of your original piece being credited toward your new purchase, allowing you to invest in higher-quality or more elaborate designs.

4. Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing that your jewelry investment is not only beautiful but also adaptable to your changing preferences and lifestyle.